When the world is at its darkest, open your eyes

Thanatophobia, created by Death Knell Games, is an old-school, third person survival horror game that goes back to the roots of the genre. A thought-provoking journey into darkness and depravity, the game has a focus on puzzle solving and storytelling over intense action..

Delve into Thanatophobia’s immersive storyline about ex-cop Sam Dehaven out to get justice from a serial killer that has directly affected his life.

The title, Thanatophobia (meaning fear of death or fear of dying), has several ties to the theme and setting of the game. Phobias in general are in large part a shaping foundation of some of our gameplay mechanics. Themes of death linger and become more and more evident as the story progresses.

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Our programmers: Digital Confectioners

In summer 2012, Death Knell Games was proud to announce and welcome the addition of James Tan and his company Digital Confectioners to the Thanatophobia project. James took over as lead programmer and our coding output, game flexibility and usability has increased significantly. James is a game developer who specializes in Unreal Engine. Having used Unreal Engine for the last 12 years, he believes that every game genre can be created in Unreal Engine. He has been involved in almost every field of game development such as animation, level design, technical art, 3D modelling, 2D texturing and programming. He is currently working for Epic Games as a documentation writer and on other Unreal Engine based projects outside of Epic Games. James has a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Otago University and occasionally practices as a pharmacist. We at Death Knell Games are very excited about this partnership, and are enjoying a fun and productive development process for... read more


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