Original soundtrack

We have created an original and exciting soundtrack that not only pays homage to the old survival horror games but, more importantly, gives a new and unique style that can be appreciated by the veteran survival horror enthusiasts. The soundtrack is very important to us, as a strong score is paramount to creating the perfect horror atmosphere.

Voice talent co-ordinator and composer, Alex “AJ” Katsinas, says, “It’s an honor to be part of such an awesome project. I’m in charge of the music, sound design, and voice work. I’ve been hard at work crafting soundscapes and scoring cutscenes, and I can’t wait to show you guys in the video above!

“What you’re going to hear is the main theme of the game. It is a slow, thoughtful, depressed piano piece. I worked with founding member John Pearce to get the sound just right. We took a lot of inspiration from the work of Erik Satie. His work has a powerful sadness about it, and I incorporated that deep emotion into the main piece.”

We’ve noticed that while the community has their favorites (we’re looking at you Silent Hill). It’s important that understanding what is great about Akira Yamaoka (who created the music for Silent Hill) does not pigeon-hole Thanatophobia into ‘just another copy’ of the master. This is why it’s been perfect for us to have a flowing and quickly developing sound concepting workflow, taking influence from a broad range of horror sources and styles.

So far we have well over 60 minutes of original Thanatophobia music score and the amount of content is ever growing!

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