How Thanatophobia started

The PC game Thanatophobia, created by devoted and independent development team Death Knell Games, is sure to dig deep into your mind and pique your curiosity in an atmospheric and horrific environment. The game is a brand new entry into the forgotten world of old school, third person survival/horror, with focus on puzzle solving and storytelling over intense action. Delve into Thanatophobia’s immersive storyline, combine items, solve riddles and combat disturbing enemies to overcome your fears.

Who are we?

Death Knell Games is a small but driven team of independent gamers who are entirely self funded. The group originated in London, England, but has since expanded internationally to span Sweden, America and New Zealand.

Why did we come together?

The team members share a common interest and passion for horror games. Our united care for the survival-horror genre drove us to one conclusion: to bring back the old school, story driven, survival-horror genre to a modern audience and breathe some fresh air into a genre that we know and love. We wanted to develop games for a mature audience that cares more about puzzle solving and taking time to soak in the atmosphere rather than battling it out under constant gunfire.

The team behind it

Death Knell Games consists of a core team along contributions from a raft of talented devoted extras. The founding member of the team is John Pearce (team leader, art-materials and model director) who was originally aspired to simply create something substantial out of Unreal Engine 3 without slipping into simple drag and drop methods. In summer 2011, Andreas Schouten from Sweden took on the writing and narrative role.

What originally started out as a little project became a proper game in the making in 2012, with Digital Confectioners coming on board to do the programming and, in 2013, Super Genius joining to animate the lead character Sam.

We do things our way

With Thanatophobia we’ve tried to keep a majority of carefully tailored custom assets and code, to provide a deep yet horrifying atmosphere with originality. Thanatophobia is being built using the Unreal Development Kit (May 2011 build).

Read more about the game here. For regular updates, come back and visit this site soon or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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