Alleyway scene modelling

One of the most exciting parts of creating Thanatophobia for me was when the alleyway scene went into a proper iteration of modelling. The procedural buildings seen in our original screen shots were simply just pre-alpha place holders and were then generated with more features and randomised weathering for more variation up close.

Other additions to the alleyway map included a more advanced sky material with blended clouds, real-time randomised lightning and a dynamic, sphere mask moon (massive thanks to Julio Juarez for the fantastic dynamic sky information and tuts, more of which can be found, along with some of his incredible work on Mass Effect 3, on his website).

I worked hard on the scene think it’s starting to look quite good for a DX9 rendered scene. The first copy of my show reel above, is mostly taken from Thanatophobia. Here you can see some info on materials and methods I used, and it is a good way to sneak-peek some of Thanatophobia to you!


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